Rey Mysterio Botched At UFC 290

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Rey Mysterio, showed his support for fellow Mexican fighters Brandon Moreno and Yair Rodriguez at UFC 290 in Las Vegas. Both fighters were competing in title matches at the event.

However, there was an unfortunate mistake made by the person responsible for the UFC chyron. On the graphic displayed during the broadcast, Rey Mysterio was mistakenly referred to as “Ray Mysterio.” This error quickly caught the attention of fans and sparked discussions on social media.

It’s important to note that there have been talks of a potential merger between UFC and WWE, with plans for the formation of a new publicly traded company by the end of the year. In light of this, some fans playfully speculated that Rey Mysterio might adopt the name “Ray Mysterio” if he were to be involved in the UFC.

Despite the mix-up, Rey Mysterio’s appearance at UFC 290 to support his fellow Mexican athletes showcased his continued popularity and influence in both the wrestling and MMA worlds.

Rey Mysterio’s presence at UFC 290 was captured by various media outlets and shared on social media. He was seen proudly supporting the Mexican champions, further highlighting his connection to and support for his fellow countrymen.

What did you think of this UFC “botch” and the presence of “Master of the 619” at the event?