Roman Reigns To Be Put On Trial On WWE SmackDown

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It seems that Roman Reigns is facing a challenging situation with his cousins, the Usos, as they plan to put him on trial in a Tribal Court on SmackDown. The Tribal Chief has been ruling his family with a firm hand and has caused multiple wrestlers to fall under his influence. Sami Zayn was previously kicked out of the group, and now both Jimmy and Jey Uso have been excommunicated.

The feud between the Bloodline members has escalated into a Civil War, with the Usos defeating Reigns and Solo Sikoa, resulting in Jey pinning Roman for the first time in over a year. This loss is a significant departure from Reigns’ usual dominance in the ring.

The tribal court concept raises the possibility of involving other family members like Rikishi to weigh in on the situation, or it could simply be a presentation by the Usos. The outcome of this trial could potentially mark the end of the Bloodline or open a new chapter in their ongoing drama.

The idea of a tribal court was previously used in January when the Bloodline put Sami Zayn on trial before he eventually turned on the group to save his friend, Kevin Owens. It remains to be seen if Paul Heyman will play a role in presenting evidence once again.

The storyline surrounding the Bloodline and their internal conflicts has certainly been captivating, with the group facing various challenges and tensions. Fans will have to tune in to SmackDown to see how this trial unfolds and what it means for Roman Reigns and the Bloodline.