30-Year-Old WWE SmackDown Star Could Be the One to Dethrone Roman Reigns

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In the world of professional wrestling, a shift in power dynamics is brewing. A seasoned veteran has expressed his belief that a change in the status quo is imminent. However, the identity of the individual who might bring about this change remains undisclosed.

Solo Sikoa, a 30-year-old star who made his main roster debut last September, is the one believed to have the potential to dethrone the reigning Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Sikoa, who has been a part of The Bloodline, remains loyal to The Head of the Table, even as the stable has seen some internal conflicts recently.

Speculations are rife that Sikoa might betray the current champion and take over the mantle at WrestleMania 40. These rumors were addressed by Konnan in a recent episode of Keepin’ It 100. He stated, “It could be. People would believe it, you know what I’m saying? And a lot of people don’t believe they can beat Roman. Maybe Cody [Rhodes], maybe Seth [Rollins], you know, but Solo is a kind of a guy that they’ve protected. He’s only done one job and I think it was to Cody. [Everything that comes out of his mouth means something] Right. And he might be the anti-promo guy. Just a guy that says very few words but he gets the job done and it might get over, you never know.”

The current champion has been hailed by many as the greatest superstar in WWE history. In a recent episode of Keepin’ It 100, a fan asked Konnan and Disco Inferno if Bret Hart was a better wrestler than the current champion. Disco Inferno acknowledged that while Bret Hart might have been a better worker, the current champion’s run has been more successful than The Hitman’s. He stated, “Okay, Bret Hart is a better worker but Roman Reigns’ run right now has been better than Bret Hart’s run. Because bro, the year 2023 was, you know, he’s made himself unbeatable. Like there isn’t anybody out there whose character is strong enough to go over on him. And that’s an attestment to how well he’s perserved his character and how good he works.”

The wrestling world waits with bated breath to see how this potential shift in power will unfold. Will Solo Sikoa indeed be the one to bring about this change? Only time will tell.