Big Main Event Appears to Be Set for WWE SummerSlam


At WWE Money In The Bank held in London, an explosive main event saw the opening salvo of the Civil War as The Usos triumphed over Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa.

Around 20 minutes into the match, Roman seemed to be in control as he locked Jimmy in the Guillotine choke. However, Jey managed to tag himself in just as the referee was accidentally knocked out of the ring. Seizing the opportunity, The Usos executed their devastating 1D move on Roman, but with no referee present to make the count.

Roman and Solo quickly recovered and launched a fierce counterattack, taking out both Jimmy and Jey. When the referee regained consciousness and made the count, the Usos miraculously kicked out, refusing to be defeated. In a dramatic turn, Solo was driven through the announcer’s table, and Reigns delivered a powerful spear. Yet, Jey resiliently kicked out of the subsequent pin after executing a low blow.

The Usos retaliated with a barrage of superkicks, followed by Jey’s impactful splash. This sequence sets the stage for an intense clash between Jey and Roman at SummerSlam, promising an epic showdown.