Former WWE Champion Advertised for Upcoming SmackDown – Reports

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In the realm of professional wrestling, whispers of a significant return are stirring. A name that once held the World Championship is being murmured in hushed tones, a figure who has been absent from the limelight for some time. But who could it be?

The answer to the mystery is Bobby Lashley. The former World Champion is slated to make an appearance on the upcoming episode of SmackDown, as per recent reports. Lashley, who concluded his feud with Brock Lesnar earlier this year with a disqualification victory at Elimination Chamber 2023, has been off the weekly television grid since his loss to AJ Styles in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament.

Lashley’s scheduled match at WrestleMania 39 was unfortunately canceled, and he was last seen competing in the first round of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament, where he qualified for the semi-finals. However, his journey ended when he lost to AJ Styles, who later faced Seth Rollins in the finals at WWE Night of Champions 2023.

The 16th June edition of Friday Night SmackDown is where Lashley is expected to reappear. Whether he will return to the weekly broadcasts or participate in a dark match post the main show remains to be seen.

Post his feud with Lesnar, Lashley became the next target for Bray Wyatt ahead of WrestleMania 39. However, the match was called off, and Lashley only made an appearance at the event with the Andre The Giant Battle Royale trophy. Reports suggest that WWE planned to reignite the feud between Wyatt and Lashley once Wyatt returned from his hiatus. The two could potentially be at loggerheads over the summer, with a possible match at WWE SummerSlam 2023.

The company seems to be exploring more options, and there is no update on whether the two will feature after The Eater of Worlds returns to the weekly broadcasts. The future plans for Bobby Lashley on SmackDown are eagerly awaited by fans and followers alike.