Huge WWE Star Reportedly the “Top Candidate” to Win the 2024 Royal Rumble Match

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A whisper in the wind suggests a rising star in the wrestling world, a figure who has been making waves with his impressive performances. This individual, who recently set a new record for time spent in a marquee battle royal, is now being considered as a strong contender for a significant upcoming match.

In the wrestling world, Gunther is a name that has been gaining traction. The Austrian wrestler made a remarkable debut in the Royal Rumble match earlier this year, entering at number one and lasting until the very end, only to be eliminated by Cody Rhodes. Gunther’s performance was not only memorable but also record-breaking, as he set a new WWE record for time spent in the battle royal: 1 hour, 11 minutes, and 25 seconds.

Gunther’s prowess has not gone unnoticed. According to Xero News, Gunther is currently a “top candidate” for the Royal Rumble 2024. His impressive track record, which includes a 376-day reign as Intercontinental Champion, the longest in the 21st century, certainly lends weight to this claim.

However, Gunther’s reign as Intercontinental Champion is under threat. Matt Riddle, a RAW Superstar, has set his sights on the title. After defeating Gunther’s Imperium teammate Ludwig Kaiser on RAW, Riddle took to social media to send a clear message to Gunther, vowing to make him “pay for everything.”

While an Intercontinental title match between Gunther and Riddle has not been officially scheduled, speculation is rife that the two will face off at the Money In The Bank Premium Live on Saturday, July 1st. As the wrestling world watches with bated breath, only time will tell who will emerge victorious in this potential showdown.