“Of Course I Would Do That” – Former WWE Talent Willing to Return After 23 Years

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, the return of a familiar face can often stir up excitement. One such individual, absent from the scene for over two decades, has recently expressed openness to a potential comeback.

Caryn Mower, known to WWE fans as Muffy, has indicated a willingness to return to her former stomping grounds if given the opportunity. Mower was seen on WWE television in April 2000 as Stephanie McMahon’s personal trainer. Her tenure was short-lived, which she attributes to her dissatisfaction with her on-screen name, Muffy.

During an appearance on the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast, Mower was asked about a potential return to WWE. She responded, “It depends, that’s a great question. I love wrestling. I like the physicality of it. I love the stunt stuff. You know what, I would say yes and I would go from there, and if it was fun and exciting and people were involved, like stunt business, people are supportive, and, yeah, of course I would do that. I would definitely take it and see how it would go and then I would go from there. How can you say no to wrestling?”

Mower is best remembered for her appearance on the April 13, 2000, episode of SmackDown. Alongside Stephanie McMahon, her character chastised members of the audience for their physical appearance.

Reflecting on her time in WWE, Mower acknowledged the challenges faced by female wrestlers in 2000. Despite the less than ideal backstage atmosphere, she still holds some positive memories of her time in the industry.

Mower, who has also worked as a stunt double, said, “It was a great experience. I got to work with extremely amazing people. I think at that time in my brain I wanted to do more stunts, so I thought the wrestling thing would bring me there and all that stuff. I was expecting I think during wrestling more of a camaraderie, but I think during that time, my time – I think it’s better now – the writers were just writing whoever they wanted to write.”

Since her departure from WWE, Mower has worked on several high-profile films and television shows, including Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Whether she will step back into the wrestling ring remains to be seen.