Speculation Abounds Over Potential New Addition to The Bloodline

The Bloodline

The wrestling world is buzzing with rumors of a possible new addition to The Bloodline, the famed Anoa’i family’s faction in WWE. This speculation was sparked by a series of photos posted on Twitter by former WWE Superstar Naomi, also known as Trinity in Impact Wrestling, alongside her husband Jimmy Uso. The cryptic nature of the posts has led fans to believe that the couple might be expecting their first child together.

Naomi, who last competed in WWE in May 2022, joined Impact Wrestling in April 2023 after confirming her departure from WWE. Jimmy Uso, on the other hand, had been a part of The Bloodline until he turned against Roman Reigns at Night of Champions 2023. The fallout from this betrayal and its impact on his future in SmackDown remains to be seen.

The photos posted by Naomi on Twitter were accompanied by lyrics from Selena’s hit song “Dreaming of You,” which further fueled the speculation. Naomi’s response to the fan theories was a GIF, leaving fans in suspense.

Naomi and Jimmy Uso’s relationship dates back to their time in WWE. They got married in Maui on January 16, 2014, and Naomi is the stepmother to Jimmy’s two daughters. Fans have been eagerly awaiting personal news from the couple, especially after Carmella and Alexa Bliss recently announced their pregnancies.

The betrayal of Roman Reigns by Jimmy Uso at WWE Night of Champions was a significant event. Jimmy’s Superkick on Reigns led to his expulsion from The Bloodline. Naomi responded to this event on her Instagram story, hinting at a potential shakeup in The Bloodline.

The future of The Bloodline is uncertain, with Jey Uso, Jimmy’s brother, facing a tough decision. Whether he will continue to align with Roman Reigns or join his brother to reform The Usos outside the faction is yet to be seen.